Winning hearts across the globe

Tech Icon, SafaiGiri Awards by India Today 2018

Baba Saheb National Award 2017-18

Featured in the 2018 annual publication of NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum as “Ideas that Impact”.

Recipient of the Extraordinaire Brand by Consumers & Industry, 2018

Top 3 in Young Lions Marketeers 2018

Top 20 Emerging Social Enterprises 2017 By Shared Value Initiative, India

Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award, Social Enterprises - 2017

Delhi Water Leadership Award 2017

The Socrates Almanac Award for Best Regional Social Enterprise & Best Business Leader, 2017

PWC Reviewed Janajal as India's Greatest Brands & Leaders 2016-17

Outstanding Community Water Plants 2017

Best Community Leadership Programme 2016

Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2016

Social Innovator of the Year 2016

Awards of the Year 2016

Award for Environmental Sustainability 2015