To provide a Unified Technology Platform and
integrate existing decentralised
Water Treatment Plants
to drive operating efficiencies with the objective
of delivering safe drinking water to people.
To make safe drinking water
Available, Accessible and Affordable.
JanaJal WOW selected by Government of India for implementation of $50 BN drinking water scheme by 2024 under Jal Jeevan Mission. Know More >
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Water directly impacts
9 out of 17 SDGs of the United Nations
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Approx. 2.2 billion people lack access to managed water services globally and we are working to change that. With traces of COVID-19 being found in untreated water in different countries around the world*, the need for safe water has grown manifold.

Through a multilateral, multi-skilled and multi-pronged approach, we harness diverse technologies to drive efficiencies in operations, management and services to existing water treatment plants. Higher capacity utilisation is the only way for the water sector to achieve financial viability, feasibility and thereby operational sustainability.
Constellation of Benefits
The JJSUITE technology platform is hosted on secure cloud servers connected to proprietary IoT controllers and sensors that provide qualitative and quantitative data from every water ATM in real-time. Custom mobile apps provide seamless connectivity and act as the interface for users at various levels such as stakeholders, operating partners, maintenance and finance related data.
Using the agile JanaJal mobile app consumers can place orders, scan QR codes and pay using any digital payment platform or through their e-wallet to enjoy a complete hands-free transacting experience on a ‘No-Touch’ basis.
JJSUITE’s agile open architecture and data-management capability enables easy access to critical business intelligence, projecting demand curve, pre-emptive maintenance schedules and specific consumer procurement related insights propelling us towards addressing the global safe water crisis using
IoT, AI, AR and ML.
Our technology platform has been actively demonstrating the end-to-end contactless operating formats ranging from water treatment upto dispensing of safe water since 2 years; especially so during the lockdown period due to COVID-19. The need for “Safer Safe Water” to restrict the pandemic is more evident than ever before and the role of technology is non-substitutable.
We have developed the JanaJal WOW (Water on Wheels), a unique custom built Electric Vehicle (EV) for last-metre delivery of safe water to the doorstep of households. JanaJal WOW is a completely tech-managed, GPS-monitored, battery-operated secure three-wheeler with zero carbon emissions that mitigates the need for increased accessibility by creating a “hub and spoke” delivery model deep inside communities.

JanaJal WOW has been recognized as an “Innovation” by the Jal Shakti Ministry (Integrated Water Resource Ministry) during India Water Week 2019 and is poised to play a critical role in “Har Ghar Jal”; the Government of India’s mission of making safe water available to every household by 2024.
A social enterprise driven by research and innovation. Our Technology team is constantly developing new capabilities and is presently testing voice-assistant technology.
Our Tech Stack
Testing of prototype for voice-assisted dispensing

In The Works
BlockChain Technology integrated on JJSUITE to provide complete transparency of transactions to stake-holders and create a “zero leakage” safe water spend model for donors.
Where we work


Through deep understanding of operating dynamics at the strategic and tactical level of execution, we have successfully built and operated dense clusters of water ATMs by installing approx. 750 safe water connections to date.
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SE Asia

The company has recently incorporated Global Safe Water Pte. Ltd. in Singapore to extend JJSUITE technology platform to millions of existing Water Treatment Plants and water ATMs operating across ASEAN countries and Africa.
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Impact to date



Litres of
safe drinking water



Single-use plastic

Conservation of


Litres of water

Technology Agnostic

Mitigating climate change
through sustainable practices
Our customised operating models enable partnering with local administrative departments, State Governments and Corporates across public, semi-public and private sector who harbour the vision towards #SafeWaterForAll.

OUR Implementation Partners

Meet the impact catalysts

Dr. Parag Agarwal
Founder & CEO

Anurag Agarwal

Lt. Gen Sudhir Sharma
Advisor - Global Strategy

Praveen Kumar
Managing Director - India

Doug Vaughn
Global Impact Advisor

Rishi Nangalia
Global Impact Advisor

Niharika Sharma
Global Impact Advisor

Gaurav Natekar

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